Rustic Domes is a sustainable project taking its first steps. Right now, we are full of ideas, motivation and willingness to work hard, but we don’t have enough funds to invest in this project.

Unfortunately, in Portugal, young people don’t have as much opportunities, support and funding as they would like to, to take a chance and make their ideas happen and create their our businesses.

For now, we need some materials to materialize our dream to build a Zome. Besides that, we also need a cover for our 7m Dome, so we can have it assembled all year  to serve some events we have planned. We aim to commercialize covered domes, but for now we can’t afford a canvas. As you can imagine, all this is slowing us down, and we can’t start working for “real”.



All the help you can give is welcome! You can donate any value you want (each cent is important),  we will be so very grateful for your support.

This project is 100% Portuguese, organized by young entrepreneurs willing to work, who got tired of waiting for a job to come knocking on their door. We work with enthusiasm and willingness to develop other projects and ideas, always focused on sustainability and construction of natural organic structures that harmonize with nature.

If you can’t donate money, you can share this project with your contacts 🙂

Every help is important! If you have some construction materials you no longer need or any type of canvas, you can donate that as well. Please let us know by email or phone.

You can donate by Paypal. Click on the link below

Thank you!